Playing with your kids’ toys after they’re sleeping (*Sponsored post*)

So there was this one time (last week) when I was sent an editorial sample (toy) for review, and may have (definitely did) stay up after my kids went to bed and played with it … you know?
I also took pictures, because YEAH!
Here we have a very lovely crossover story …
Meet the Cailco Critters. Mama Bunny and her little babies: a lovely medley of bunnies and puppies, because it is a beautiful example of LOVE KNOWS NO COLOURS/SHAPES/BREEDS or something like that. 

Mama Bunny runs a successful ice cream business. She haz many customerz.

But woah! What’s this?
One day, a van full of Polly Pockets shows up in Calico Critter Land.
These girls are maybe dressed a wee bit, uh, flirtatiously.
They are fond of wearing blazers with no shirts underneath, and wearing their bathing suits backwards.

Mama Bunny welcomes the Polly Pockets into her home, and they happily take care of the babies while Mama Bunny works in her ice cream truck.

But! The Polly Pockets are shrewd businesswomen themselves, and they decide that Mama Bunny should EXPAND HER ICE CREAM BUSINESS and totally open a DAIRY QUEEN right here in Calico Critter Land.

“Hi! Welcome to Dairy Queen! See my responsible golf shirt? It’s my most capable-looking outfit.”

“We haz Blizzardz, yummmmmmm.”

And so, forevermore, Calico Critter Land was home to lovely independently-owned Dairy Queen.

And they all lived happily ever after.

If you’ve followed any of this silliness, now is the point in the post where I tell you that the kids and I totally adore this little playset. It’s by miWorld, and they also have sets of Claire’s, Sweet Factory, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and an OPI Nail Salon (sold at Walmart, Target, and Toys ‘R’ Us).

D and I put the set together while C was napping, and he SQUEALED WITH JOY at each of the teeny tiny ice creams, Blizzard cups, fries, and the itty-bitty hot dog in particular. It is all seriously freaking adorable, you guys. THE TEENY TINY STRAW inside the drink cup is just TOO MUCH OMG.

Miniatures make us happy! (Tiny sundaes, in particular)

Thank you, miWorld*, for adding a profitable little business to our Calico Critter table. Mama Bunny is hiring new employees left and right, and she’s totally seeing her sights on retirement.


*miWorld provided me with the adorable mini Dairy Queen to review, but I have not been otherwise compensated for this post. I just really like playing with toys.

(Guys, did I mention the French fries come with a TEENY CARDBOARD FRENCH FRY BOX? I know! I know! #omgthecuteness)

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