Sandwich artist? Dude, I’m a pancake artist …

You guys know that I’m not much of a cook. Like at all. I fail at Pinterest recipes like nobody’s business!
But I’ve discovered that the one thing I am pretty damn good at making is pancakes. Pure, simple, pancakes.

D and C both adore pancakes (well, what kid doesn’t?) and could eat them every single morning. They practically do, actually, because Darling Husband and I take turns making huge batches and freezing them. We pop a few in the microwave each morning, and BAM! Just as good as the day they were made.
Here are some of the cute ways I’ve jazzed up our pancakes lately …
Use fruit!

Adorable bear! I saw something like this on Facebook, and liked it so much I took a screenshot (the poor woman’s Pinterest? For when she’s not on Pinterest at the moment?). It’s just a couple of banana slices and chocolate chips, but MAN, IS IT CUTE!

Put your batter in a ketchup bottle!

I read on Pinterest that you can wash out an old ketchup bottle and use it for pancake batter, and it worked perfectly. I made a Barbie for C, and a horse for D. See that curled tail? KILLS ME. LOVE IT.

(Uh, always, always use the ketchup bottle to make shapes)

I made this “kitty” and this “horsie” without using the ketchup bottle, and you can see that the results, uh, are clearly not as nice. I tried to salvage the lumpy shapes with mini-M&Ms and chocolate chips for eyes — and some syrup whiskers! — but they still looked pretty crappy.

Use cookie cutters!

I used heart-shaped cookie cutters on our pancakes for Valentine’s Day this year. I also poured yogurt into heart-shaped silicone molds and stuck them in the freezer to make heart-shaped yogurt pop things. Heart-shaped EVERYTHING!

Write their name!

I used the ketchup bottle again this time, to spell out part of D’s name. Don’t mind that he’d already eaten part of the “X” when this photo was taken.

Freestyle it!

I got bored of making pancake horses the other day, so I felt a bit daring and decided to make spirals — mostly because I wanted to see how they looked against the black griddle (the answer: amazing). They were a bit tricky to flip, but well worth it. D was fascinated by them.


Trust me, making “crafty” pancakes makes the chore of churning out thousands of them MUCH more fun. Now when I do plain old circles, I’m like *yawn, really?*


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