Five truths about Mother’s Day

  1. It will never be exactly what you want it to be — even if you have low expectations — and you will feel kind of bummed out because it only happens ONCE A YEAR, you know?
  2. It’s basically a success if you get some time to do what you want (ALL ALONE)
  3. It helps to be clear about what you would like, or how you would like the day to go, because husbands? They are usually not so good with subtlety and/or planning. (They also do not seem to fully understand how much you deserve a day of spoilage, given everything you do 364 days of the year)
  4. A sweet homemade card from your kids is the best thing you can get, hands-down.
  5. (Unless you get a shiny new minivan*, a kid-free vacation*, or a shopping spree* at a craft store or a fabric store — then, it’s a tie between that and the homemade card).
* I received none of the above, but lookeeee my pretty card, poem, and plant from D!

One Comment on “Five truths about Mother’s Day

  1. Oh man, I could totally have written this last year. I had just had G and was so mad Husband didn't make a bigger deal. Looking back, the poor guy was just as exhausted as I was. This year he was smart enough to ask what I wanted (alone time and a fancy pizza, basically!), so it turned out MUCH better. There's a reason us Moms do most of the organizing 😉


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