A gift that’s not a gifftcard

Longtime readers know that J has been my Best Friend (the caps because It’s an Official Title) since we were five years old. Seriously, FIVE. We met at the bus stop on the first day of primary — cue the “Awwwws.”
Now we’re 30 and 31, so that’s 25 full years of friendship (26 this coming September). We have both moved around, and no longer live down the street from each other. But we make an effort to see each other — even though it’s harder now with husbands + kids + jobs in the mix — and still have the best time together.
For our birthdays, we’ve pretty much done the Exchanging Giftcards route for years now. She gets me a giftcard for Michael’s (whooooo craft supplies!) and I get her a giftcard for Starbucks or a nail place. It’s never really a surprise, even though it’s always nice to have a giftcard to spend.
So this year, I took a cue from my own mama and decided that we should do something different: take each other out for a birthday lunch instead of exchanging gifts. (That’s why my mom does with her close girlfriends). 
One of my other friends and I take each other to the movies as a birthday gift, so I’m really getting into this idea! Experiences instead of gifts! Hanging out with other adults = good. Down with giftcards!
J was totally down for it, and today we had a lovely lunch at a restaurant between her work and my (home) work. 
Isn’t this place nice? (Bitar’s in Elmsdale, for the locals)

Never mind the fact that J‘s birthday was in FEBRUARY and we were celebrating it almost exactly THREE MONTHS LATER in May. Kids, life, etc. you know?

I’m loving this new tradition! It was awesome to catch up without our collective kiddies running around, and it was the perfect break in the middle of a work-day.

Happy belated birthday, J! Here’s to another 25 years of friendship, totally “getting” each other, and having lunch together alone at least twice a year!


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