Transforming the cupcake nursery to a toddler room (by creating a very girly gallery wall)

Little C’s cupcake nursery was kind of my favourite room in the house for a long time. It was soft and pretty and pink and white, and had little touches of glitter.
It served her well for the first almost-two years of her life, but it was very “nursery” …
But the plan was always to add more splashes of colour — yellow, specifically — to grow up the space a bit and make it more of a toddler/preschooler room.
I knew I wanted to do a HUGE gallery wall, because (A) pink is my jam (B) sparkles/glitter are my jam (C) I could think of fifty-million different phrases/colours/items I wanted to include in it.
It was absolutely the most fun gallery wall I’ve put together (and certainly not as frustrating as the boy-friendly gallery in my son’s room). I knew it would need a flowy layout, because there were so many different shapes to jam in.
The end result is totally BRIGHT (and may be too crazy for some tastes), but I absolutely love it. It’s made C’s room more “little girl,” and less “baby,” and it always makes me smile.
Fun fact: only ONE of these frames was actually purchased (the gold one) and it was from the Dollarama. Everything else was a gift, a hand-me-down, or a recycled one from a previous home/room.


This little cupcake is hard to spot in the big picture, but I love how it turned out. It took me about five minutes from start to finish, using a cheap plastic embroidery hoop (from Walmart), a scrap of cupcake material, a few scraps of felt, and a bit of stuffing.


I put a picture of C in the yellow frame (taken on her first birthday), and the other two photos are of me as a baby. The chevron wall-hanging was really easy to make, and I just hung it right in the embroidery hoop to add some circle-y shapes into the mix.
This is actually a wooden Melissa & Doug box (it used to hold wooden fruit) that I painted pink, and hot-glued fake flowers into. I coated one of those $0.49 wooden Cs from Michaels in glitter, and glued it in the middle.


I made this cardstock pennant banner sort of absent-mindedly thinking I’d use it for C’s upcoming second birthday, but then realized the colours didn’t match the theme. I stuck it above her closet with scotch tape, and it worked perfectly.


We’d filled up C’s original hairclip frame (the smaller one) a while back, so I grabbed another reject frame from the basement, painted it the same shade of pink, did a coat of glitter (GLITTERRRR) and glued on a few similar strips of ribbon. Now we have lots of space!

Oh, and for anyone interested in the $12 rain gutter bookshelves, here’s a post about them.


Let’s give a shoutout to the Dollarama (sup!) which is where I bought the pink titled shadowbox (top right) to paint and glue on titles (and pop a $1 hair flower in as 3D art). I also bought the oval wooden sign (“I believe in pink”) to paint, the gold glittery frame, the wooden square frame (painted yellow). I love the Dollarama, and SO much of my wall decor comes from there.
See these beauties? I bought them for $0.50 (FIFTY FREAKING CENTS) each at a yard sale last summer. I literally pounced on them. I painted them pink using paint I already had, and now they’r perfect on C’s walls (one on either side of her toddler bed)
I made this namesake art by covering an old (used) canvas with a piece of floral fabric, gluing on letters, and then outlining each letter in glitter glue from Michaels. Then I made a few felt roses to glue on.


Hello, fifty-cent beauties! (Hello, C!)



Thanks for touring C’s “refreshed” toddler room. What do you think? Is the gallery wall too crazy, or are you — like me — all about the gold, glitter, yellow, and hot pink?


CLICK TO READ the full column on this gallery wall, featured in The Chronicle Herald’s HOMES section

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2 Comments on “Transforming the cupcake nursery to a toddler room (by creating a very girly gallery wall)

  1. I love the color combo of teal and yellow. I'm making a post about re-doing my daughter's room and I'll be including a link to this post for inspiration 🙂


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