The boy who got the worst room in the house

In the grand scheme of our House of Dreams, I always feel like poor D got a little bit screwed. 
It was all quite by accident, of course. And his room isn’t terrible, it’s just that his sister’s room is so much better? At least I think so? But maybe that’s because there’s pink involved?
Anyway, here’s the story. We moved into this house when he was just 16 months old, and I was obsessed with the idea of making him feel at home right away (I was also preggers and probably definitely crazy).
To make sure he could sleep in his room from Day 1, we (well, Darling Husband) painted his room within like an hour of closing on the house. 
We chose a pale grey, but in hindsight it was too, too pale. I had chosen a lighter colour than I wanted, because I knew we were doing deep blue curtains, bedding, etc. and I didn’t want his room to feel too dark. 
Well, that was a mistake.
I’ve hated the colour of his walls since the first second I saw it, but at the time, I decided it was more important to get D settled immediately into his new room. I thought maybe once the room was fully decorated, I’d be OK with the colour.
I wasn’t. I’m still not.
While I decorated the rest of the house, I always kept thinking of D’s room and how it wasn’t how I wanted it to be. I love the striped/plaid red, white, and blue bedding (from Homesense), and I still love the grey/white, red, and blue colour scheme. But the walls have ruined everything for me. 
(Plus the fact that when Darling Husband painted over the two-toned walls — top half red, bottom half beige?!?! — from the previous homeowners, he didn’t sand where the two colours met, leaving a really ugly raised line all around the room. Um, just saying.)
So here is basically how D’s room looks now … 

… and here are a few of the tweaks I hope to make to it …

Ideas courtesy of my Pinterest board for D’s room

Basically, this is the plan:

  1. Remove the wooden letters from the canvases they are currently glued to (they’re hung on the wall to look like a train at the moment), repaint them, and put them vertically on the wall like this
  2. Get my handy husband to do some board-and-batten all around the room (and paint it white)
  3. Repaint the top half of the room a deep, navy blue — but NOT royal blue
  4. Keep the existing bedding (pictured here) but make a couple of new jazzy pillows or something
  5. Rearrange wall art and figure out what stays and what goes (hint: the huge Montreal Canadiens banner’s days may be numbered)
Any ideas for me? I’d love to hear them!

One Comment on “The boy who got the worst room in the house

  1. You really must take a look at those before photos and realize that to everyone else, his current room is totally adorable 🙂


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