The evolution of a closet

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First of all, thanks to everyone who emailed, commented, texted, called, or Facebook-messaged me about Sunday night’s post. My grandfather had passed away earlier that evening, and it basically brought a lot of pushed-down sadness to the surface for me. I appreciate the love, and I’m doing my best to deal with everything. 
In lighter news, how about a hall closet update? Yeah, that sounds fun. Remember back in October when I overhauled our front hall closet to turn it into a mudroom of sorts? Well, it needed a few tweaks. 
Here we go!
This is how disgusting our closet used to get. Ew, ew, ew.
Then I gave it this super-awesome makeover, and it was great. But as the kids grew, things needed to be updated, so it was time to revisit it!
The major change was that I took down the clothespins that held the cardstock labels to the red storage bins. The kids were constantly yanking off the clothespins and breaking them, and it made the labels all tattered.
So I made fresh labels from yellow cardstock, and used red embroidery thread to tie them on. Yes, the kids could rip them off — they haven’t yet — but now when they grab the handle, they’re not immediately dislodging a clothespin.
I kept the chalkboard label on the “Outbox” because that stayed the same. That box ROCKS MY WORLD, because it helps me remember things I want to take out to the van, dishes to return to people, borrowed items to give back, etc.

Back to the red bins. We originally had the bin for C’s hats on the far left, but it was always a hassle to reach. Since she wears hats 100% of the time — warm ones in the winter, sunhats in the warm weather — it made a HUGE difference to make it more accessible.
D and C used to each have separate “Accessories” bins, but I condensed them into one bin. Really, how much room does a few pairs of tiny sunglasses take up? D also keeps his “spy goggles” (binoculars) in there.

The famous “Busy Bag” still has its own bin, but the portable DVD player got the boot (we keep it stored in the van now, so it’s always there for long trips).

The Moby wrap never had its own bin before (it had a basket), so it got a little upgrade. I also added the toddler leash, since C is just about ready for it (she’s taking a few steps, but not racing around yet).

Darling Husband also got his very own bin for baseball caps, since ’tis the season for lawn-mowing and other hat-requiring activities.


The shoe bins stayed the same, and that has been a GREAT system. No matter what the season, D can dump his snowy boots or sandy sneakers into his bin, and everything can drip onto the mat below. He is responsible for putting his shoes away every single time we come inside, as well as hanging up his own coat (hook is not visible in this pic), and putting his hat, mittens, sunglasses, etc. away.
Look up, look waaaaay up. I did some re-jigging with these bins. Now we have one for snowpants (way up high, since we won’t need them until October or November), a straw bag I use for packing snacks for long car-trips, a bin for tote bags (we use these a lot for packing up clothes, diapers, etc.), a designated spot for me to toss my purse …


… a bin for adult hats & mitts, a bin for kiddie hats & mitts, a bin for my scarves …
… a bin for sunscreen and bugspray, and a bin for bubbles …
Our custom key rack is still serving us well, although the hooks aren’t strong enough to hold car keys (Darling Husband keeps his in his pants pocket/on his dresser, and I keep mine in my purse). We frequently use the loose house keys and the shed key, through, and we’ve been good about putting them back afterwards.
We only keep our “current” coats in the closet, and the out-of-season ones are stored in our master closet.  However, all snowpants, gloves, mitts, hats, etc. are stored in this closet regardless of season. 
Little C has so many pairs of shoes (mostly hand-me-downs) because her feet are so tiny and odd-shaped (she has meatballs, as Lindsey used to say about J’s feet). We never know what shoe we can coax her feet into!
Our closet, as it looks today!
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Thanks for checking out our hall closet “tweak.” We’ve been really happy with the space, and since we go into it about 56,132 times a day — for shoes, coats, sunscreen, keys, you name it — it’s important to me that it’s functional AND cute. That way I don’t get cranky when the doors get left open! 🙂


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