Menu makeover

Super inspired by this chalkboard menu from Oh H’Evans. Love the red!

I’ve been chattering lately about my (lack of) cooking skills (and few successes), and I’ve decided (to try!) to do something about it (how’s that for a lot of parentheses in one sentence?).

Here are my basic problems:

  • I don’t go grocery shopping alone EVER (see: cart rage), which means I only get to tag along on occasion (with the kids in tow). This means I have to plan EVERY DETAIL in advance, on a list for Darling Husband, or we don’t have what I need.
  • I hate making grocery lists with a PASSION. I don’t know what it is about it. It seems fun in theory. Making lists! Writing! Food! Buying stuff! But somehow I hate it.
  • I also hate meal-planning. Darling Husband and I both hate trying to decide what to make for dinners. On his days off, we start this discussion at lunchtime, and we’re both just so darn BLAH about it. “What are we having for dinner?” “Ugh, I don’t know. Do we have any meals in the freezer?” “I think we made the last baggie of slowcooker chicken yesterday.” “UGH! I don’t know!” Deciding just sucks.
  • Neither of us are very interested in cooking. We’d both LIKE to take a cooking course (if we had the time, babysitting, you name it). We’d both LIKE to be better at cooking. We just have other stuff that seems to get in the way (see: life, a baby, a toddler, crazy work schedules).
Several years back, when I only had one child and apparently had TIME FOR WRITING STUFF DOWN AT MY LEISURE, I started an awesome Google Doc that assigned each day of the week a category with a cute name, and put all different meal suggestions. I did absolutely nothing with the document, BUT now I think I’m going to try. I think.
My (genius? insane?) idea was to basically make it easier for us to meal-plan, write grocery lists, and grocery shop, because it would all be very formulaic. We aren’t fancy cooks/eaters, so we don’t particularly care if we have a crazy variety with our meals. We just need to stop this day-to-day BLAHNESS over meal-planning and list-making and grocery-shopping.
(Plus, I also like the cuteness of knowing what kind of meal we’ll eat on specific days — kind of like a family tradition, you know? As a kid, we had a routine-centric live-in nanny, and I remember being very attached to having specific meals on specific days)
So … drumroll, please … here are my proposed categories for our family:
  • Mexican Monday
  • Homestyle Tuesday
  • Sandwich Wednesday
  • Barbeque Thursday
  • Pizza Friday
  • Pasta Saturday
  • Slowcooker Sunday
I have ideas jotted down for each day of the week (i.e. tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas on Mexican Mondays; baked chicken, meatloaf, or roast on Homestyle Tuesdays; chicken wraps, Sloppy Joes, clubhouses, etc. on Sandwich Wednesdays; burgers, steaks, grilled chicken, etc. on BBQ Thursdays; various homemade pizzas on Pizza Fridays; spaghetti, meatballs, etc. on Pasta Saturdays; and stews, chillis, and casseroles on Slowcooker Sundays).
I’m not sure which day we will grocery shop on (right now it’s just whatever day we happen to go), but I’d like to have one specific day a week — and I’d like to fine-tune the system so that the meals we eat right after getting groceries involve more fresh produce, meat, etc. and the meals towards the end of the week require more pantry and frozen items.
So what’s the verdict? Is this the most insane post you’ve ever read — keeping in mind that I wrote an entire post about how to put your makeup on while dealing with your baby? — or do I have some interesting ideas here?
More importantly, how am I going to sneak more Mexican dishes into the week???

3 Comments on “Menu makeover

  1. I feel your pain with 4 kids now. My husband told me about Food on the Table that helps plan your meals for the week, offer new recipes and makes your grocery list for you based on local grocery stores.
    I hope it will make our child factory (kitchen) a little easier to manage.


  2. Themes always help me do anything I don't like doing! Hope it works well for you. It's super cute. is another website that I love that basically plans your meals for you based on the sales in local grocery stores (although I'm not sure they have Canada in their database??) Good luck!


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