Live More With Less: Week 3 (Nursery)

Welcome back, organizers and the people who love them! (We’re easy to love, really, because we make places look damn good)
We’re in Week 3 of the Live More With Less challenge organized by Emily over at Imperfect. During Week 1, I organized our master bedroom closet. During Week 2, I overhauled our toddler’s bedroom. And I’m happy to report that another area of our home has been tackled. 
Here’s a photo-heavy tale of how I organized our daughter’s nursery — mainly her closet — and got rid of a TON of excess stuff …
(Just like with the photos of D’s room from last week, you’ll see lots of items with C’s full name on them. I’m not going to any lengths to “hide” their names from you. I’m just not going to refer to them on the blog in any way other than D and C. Y’all understand.)
CLOSET: Before

I was constantly heaping outfits on top of this drawer unit, because it was just easy. It was thereee, you know?

C had lots of baskets in her closet, but they weren’t even all in use! Talk about wasted space.

The shelves on the side (which Darling Husband so thoughtfully painted for his demanding pregnant wife before C was born) were just full of junk. See the heap of clothespins?

Ah, much better!

So very, very white …

When I dragged this drawer unit out of C’s closet, I realized that while these items USED TO BE useful, we had zero use for any of them anymore *sniff* because our baby is growing up. Everything had to go!

C’s sock drawer had been jammed full of socks, tights, and BabyLegs, so I decided they needed more room.
They each have their own baskets now!

When I went through her clothes, I realized the girl had NINE MILLION JEAN JUMPERS/DRESSES. Seriously, who needs that many denim frocks? I know we’re Canadian, but sheesh! #canadiantuxedo?
These are the foam organizers I had made way before C was born. I decided they no longer served a purpose for us, because I was constantly having to dig into the bigger sizes to see if things would fit — and I was always missing chances for her to wear certain items before she outgrew them. Annoying!
So instead, I flipped the dividers over and made brand-new categories: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Formal, and “Wear ASAP because her booty is going to outgrow it like NOWWW!”
This new system seems to be working MUCH better for us, because I’m not always trying to flip ahead to bigger sizes to make sure I’m not missing an outfit she could be wearing. If it’s appropriate to wear during the current season, it’s here. If it’s not, she can’t wear it anyway. The “Wear ASAP” has been INVALUABLE, so I get a reminder to put her in outfits at least once before she outgrows them.

So much better!

I made labels for her new changing table baskets, and OMG JUST REALIZED I spelled a word wrong (“headbands”) in my attempt to make pretty caligraphy. I’m kind of dying inside, but C is already sleeping so I can’t re-take the photo. You guys won’t, like, unfollow me over this right? * embarrassed*

C’s finished closet!
Her too-big clothes are stored in easily-accessible bins (now stored by SEASON and not size, which is a huge ah-ha! moment for me). The top baskets contain swimwear, hats, and too-big shoes (but they’re still very easy to grab, I’m tall).

Don’t forget the extra blankey basket! (Remember when I made that quilt like a thousand years ago?)

I’d buy stock in storage bins. I really would.

This bottom shelf is empty on purpose, so I have a spot to lay out outfits in advance.

The top shelf now contains “special” books (rescued from D’s room) that I read to the kids but don’t want eaten/ripped/damaged by tiny hands. See my treasured blue Laura Ingalls Wilder books? LOVE. THAT. GIRL.

That’s it for the closet! Want to see the rest of C’s room? OK, sure! Let’s go!

Here are C’s outgrown baby clothes that I donated this week, along with pregnancy/baby care books, receiving blankets, blankets (not homemade ones, of course), burp cloths, bibs, bottles, and even some baby-proofing supplies that didn’t work for us. Everything went to a local family resource center that we dearly love to support, and it felt great.

Thanks for stopping by to check out C’s nursery organization (and tour), and I hope you also check out what Emily at Imperfect and everyone else have overhauled this week.

Make sure to come back next Wednesday, when I’ll reveal my home office organization

Happy Organizing!

4 Comments on “Live More With Less: Week 3 (Nursery)

  1. Such great work!!! I love the shelves in her closet, and the beautiful tree mural. Great nursery. Thanks for linking up again this week, you're the best!!! (Also, love her name – one of my all time favorites)


  2. it looks great! if i had a girl, i'd love a colorful nursery like this 🙂 love all the labels too! i need to get on that!


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