Spiffy shelves: My $5 bookshelf makeover

We had a set of cheap white bookcases in our basement for months, but ultimately decided they just didn’t belong in the room.
They mostly housed MY books (the kids only got the two bottoms shelves), so it made sense for the shelves to re-locate to my home office.
The cardboard backs were long gone, so books were constantly falling off the back. I had seen some ideas on Pinterest about using bedsheets as backings for bookshelves, so when I saw a sale on sheets at our local Zellers, I grabbed a queen-sized turquoise one for $5.
Here’s how I used one sheet to transform two bookcases:
Pitiful, isn’t it?

Darling Husband helped me lie both bookcases on their fronts.

I draped the sheet over both bookshelves …

… and used little naisl to anchor it in place

When I had pounded in a ton of nails and felt confident the sheet would hold, I cut down the middle to separate the two bookcases.

Standing up in all their glory! You’ll see that the sheet was really VERY cheaply-made, because it’s almost translucent. But luckily, I don’t have to sleep on it.

Here are the bookcases in my home office, showing off all my books, baskets of office supplies, and a few jars of pens and pencils.

In case you were curious, here’s the view above my art table. Lots of paper/envelope supplies and the printer stay tucked up near the ceiling so I barely have to see them.

Here’s the corner where I sit.
It’s where I’m sitting right now! Spooky!

My view from the desk. I LOVE this painting, and this particular print has been with me since high school — from my bedroom at home, to the first apartment I shared with Darling Husband, to our condo, and now to our House of Dreams.

Have you ever modified a cheap bookcase to make it a little less crappy and a lot more awesome? Tell me about it!


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