Quick and easy Weight Watchers dessert

You know what happens when you’re either pregnant or breastfeeding for, like, over three years and counting? You kind of forget things … like what it means to have raging PMS, and want to eat all of the chocolate (and giant gummy bears) in Willy Wonka’s factory x 1,000,000.
I’m, uh, back in the land of THAT STUFF (although yes, still exclusively breastfeeding). Which is a total rip-off not cool or fair at ALL, but anyway. C’est la vie.
So here is the scoop on a very delicious dessert I “invented” a couple of weeks ago, when I was dying for chocolate but not wanting to be a Bad Weight Watchers Girl.
I decided to make something (ANYTHING) from chocolate chips, so I used my handy point calculator to figure out how many chocolate chips I could eat for 1 point. The answer? 10gm (or about 30 chocolate chips)

Here are my lovely little 30 chocolate chips. Quite a lot for only 1 point!

Then I carefully calculated the value of some Cool Whip Light. I learned that I could eat three tablespoons for only 1 point — time for some happy-dancing!

I used my Pampered Chef grater-thing (I think it was only the second time I’ve used this thing) to grate up the chocolate chips.

I measured out my three tablespoons of Cool Whip Light (couldn’t trust myself to just eyeball it with a regular spoon, or I would have probably gone head-first into the container)

I sprinkled my crushed chocolate-chip powder over the whipped cream, and then realized the chips were almost completely still intact, so it was like some kind of Loaves & Fishes miracle. I threw the chips on, too, and called it a dessert!

This little dessert was only TWO Weight Watchers points, and it was actually pretty substantial. I ate every bite, and felt like my chocolate craving was fully satisfied.

And now, of course, I think I’m some kind of culinary genius for “inventing” it. Clearly I am. Right?

What are your favourite not-that-unhealthy treats?

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