Behind on my blogging

Quick update from my phone, guys, to let you know what’s been keeping me from blogging lately.

– I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow, woohoo, which means only one week until Baby Girl is fully cooked. I don’t expect to go into labour early, but it’s good to know she’ll have a high probability of being healthy if she DOES come early.

– The toddler turns 22 months today. Crazy! He was only 14 months when I got pregnant (technically 13 if you go by FDLP), and now he’s the age he’ll be when his little sister arrives. I find myself hugging him extra-tight lately and savouring his sweet babyness, because I know he’s going to seem so grown-up very soon.

– The toddler’s speech seems to be slowly improving. He’s not really saying any new words, but he’s using the few that he has very well. He answers questions with “Yeah!” and “Nooo.” He mimics words occasionally, and he is trying to say words when he signs them at times. He’s scheduled to see the ENT again on May 28, so until then, we can’t do anything except encourage him … and wait!

– I’ve been working my preggo tail off lately, trying to accept and complete as many freelance assignments as possible before I “go on mat leave.” I’m not enjoying calling it “mat leave” because of course I won’t be paid for that time off. Friday, April 20 will be my last day of work — earlier if I finish my projects earlier — and I’ve decided to take six weeks off. The only (paid) writing I’ll do during that period is my monthly parenting column that runs in a few local magazines.

– Darling Husband and I have been stressing a bit over finances lately. Partially because we’re wondering how things will go with me not working for six weeks (although since freelancers get paid sporadically and can’t count on cheques to ever come in when they’re expected, I don’t think it will be too different). Our biggest worry right now is our taxes and what we may owe. We have a meeting with our accountant this morning — on a holiday, weird, right? — to go over them. Please pray he works some magic for us!

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