Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 36

Week 36 (March 31-April 6)

Symptoms: Back pain is ramping up — uncomfortable to sit just about anywhere! Heartburn has been surprisingly fine (still taking four pills/day though, and when I skip a dose … I really feel it). Have-to-pee-constantly feeling is annoying, but I’m getting used to it. Oh, and my ankles are now cankles sommmmmmetimes but only a litttttttle and only at night — nothing like last time! Swear it!

Body changes: Massive, massive stomach. But I keep remarking (mainly to myself, in my head, as who really cares except me?) that this pregnancy feels much more “contained.” Last time, it felt like my whole body was ravaged and every inch was affected somehow — swelling, weight gain, discomfort, aching, etc. This time, the “pregnant” feel is really just my stomach area. Oh, and my butt feels more giant than usual.

Baby movement: It’s fun to scare people into thinking you’re in labour because you’re always doubling over from the force of kicks, and groaning. I felt a perfect foot the other day, though my skin. That was … creepy.

Cravings: Fast food. Still.

Aversions: Everything else.

High point: Meeting with our accountant and finding out the news wasn’t quite as terrible as we’d feared. Yes, we owe, but we are putting a plan in place for next year so we hopefully will not owe. Big changes are coming to this family, career-wise — stay tuned!

Low point: Feeling less and less capable of being a good mom right now. I’m so … uncomfortable! (Broken record, I know) I’m so tired! He’s so STRONG-WILLED! I’m so … uncomfortable! *insert pity party here, please*

How does this week compare to Week 36 during pregnancy #1? I’ve just started to have trouble sleeping, and apparently I also had trouble last time. Oh, and I am very, very stupid again. Pregnancy brain is a cruel thing. Although I think Darling Husband enjoys feeling like a genius around me these days.

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