Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 35

Week 35 (March 24-30)

Symptoms: Back pain is getting worse. It’s really uncomfortable to sit at my desk chair, which makes working sooooo much fun. Heartburn has been a lot more managable — maybe the baby’s dropped? The have-to-pee feeling constantly is VERY annoying. I keep whining to Darling Husband about how I only pee “a teaspoon” each time, but it’s ALL the time.

Body changes: Stomach seems to have gotten much bigger in the last week. It’s just this huge round mass stuck out in front of me. My profile has gotten kind of hiliarious. That reminds me, I really must freak out Little Sis by walking around in front of her naked sometime before I have this baby — her reaction during my last pregnant was priceless.

Baby movement: Still doubling over and groaning from the force of the kicks, and getting wallopped in the bladder. Darling Husband keeps telling me it was the same with Baby Boy, but I swear Baby Girl is sharper and more active. I really starting feeling these huge hard spots pressing against my skin this week — Butt? Head? Back? Who really knows?

Cravings: Fast food.

Aversions: Everything except fast food.

High point: Mom threw a little shower at her place, so it was great to see family friends and neighbours that I haven’t seen in ages. Baby Girl also got lots of lovely pressies, which is always nice. The toddler has become obsessed with her Graco sound machine, and loves going into the nursery to play with it. Gifts he also enjoys: the pink hooded bath towel, the oversized china piggy bank.

Low point: Going back and forth from feeling super-uncomfortable/it’s-so-hard-to-manage-the-toddler-when-I’m-THIS-pregnant to feeling like the baby is coming REALLY soon and how are we going to fare financially with me not working for six weeks?

How does this week compare to Week 35 during pregnancy #1? Sounds pretty similar, except my swelling and leg pain were WAY worse last time. I also was going to bed at nine every night, after watching a few hours of TV. I kind of want to kick my previously-pregnant self in the face. She had it too good!

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