When you’re pregnant AND you have a one-year-old …

When you’re pregnant AND you have a one-year-old, you sometimes (often) feel guilty.

You are physically uncomfortable, with a sore back, and you get short of breath too easily. But you don’t want your toddler to suffer because of those. So you persevere.

You feel guilty that he is watching more TV than you’d like. But you are so exhausted that you need those 30 minutes of peace. Or you just might burst into hot, exhausted tears.

You feel guilty that you are not going on as many excursions to the playground. So you do. But it is winter in Canada, and your toddler is heavy to drag through those snowbanks. You realize this too late, as you are already alone in the park, struggling to push his push-bike — um, not ideal in snow — and carry him through the drifts.

You feel guilty that you are not taking very long walks anymore. So you do, and then he loses interest halfway and insists on being carried back. And then you really, really regret going on a long walk. You are out of breath and exhausted when you finally return, and have a cramp on one side.

Suddenly watching a bit of TV doesn’t seem so bad.

So what do you think?

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