What have we done?

Originally written Saturday, September 3, 2011
Five weeks pregnant

O.M.G. You know those days when your toddler is kind of HORRIBLE? This is one of those days x 1,000,000.

Baby Boy didn’t nap at all this morning — just screamed in his crib for an hour and a half instead. I kept going in, retrieving soothers, calming him, etc. He’d be fine, and then second I’d lie him in his crib, total FREAKOUT.

After 90 minutes of this torture, we got him up, and continued on with our scheduled outing to Costco. He was SO BAD in the car that we didn’t even go. Just drove Little Sis home and headed straight back. And, of course, no matter how vigilantly I tried to keep him away on the drive home, he fell asleep. &@#$^%!

When we got home, I carried a sleepy little toddler up the stairs, changed his diaper, and put him in bed. Scream City. Again.

That was more than 30 minutes ago, and he’s still screaming. I have been in several times. His diaper is dry. He has soothers and water. He is fine when I pick him up. He just doesn’t. want. to. be. in. his. bed. Period.

I’m frazzled by the hysterical insessant crying.
I’m frustrated by the no-napping PYSCHO crankiness.
But mostly? I am kind of extremely terrified another one is coming.

Does everyone wonder if they made the right decision to have another baby so soon?
If they will be able to handle two, without totally losing their mind?
I’m scared.

2 Comments on “What have we done?

  1. my mother would run the vacuum cleaner. since i just wanted attention i would fall asleep realizing she couldnt hear me anyway.


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