Omigod, you guys!

We saw a house this morning.
I said “Wow!” and “I LOVE IT!” every three seconds.
I am trying to remain calm.
But really? I MUST HAVE IT!

The best way to describe how I feel is with the immortal words of Elle Woods (circa Legally Blonde: The Musical) …

Omigod, you guys
This one’s perfect and its just my size
See, dreams really do come true, you never have to compromise
Omigod you guys
Let’s go home before someone cries
If there ever was a perfect couple house, this one qualifies
Cause we love you it, guys!

2 Comments on “Omigod, you guys!

  1. Best feeling in the world! I had the same reaction with our new house. Good luck with everything. It's an exciting (but looooong) process!


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