"My coat, your coat, MORE coats — look at these coats!"

Remember when I posted about Baby Boy and his, uh, difficult with learning sign language?

Well! *beaming proudly* You should see him now!
  • He consistently signs “All done!” when he’s finished eating
  • If you feed him something and he wants more, he signs “More”
  • When he’s hungry, he signs “Food” (or sometimes just “More”)
  • He looks up at light fixtures (just loves ’em) and signs “Light”
Four signs! It doesn’t sound like a ton, when you consider — ahem! — how many I know. But let’s give the kid a break, OK? 🙂
Luckily, three out of his four signs are super-useful ones. Not sure how “light” is going to really change our lives, but … well, it’s one of his interests, I suppose!

I have to admit, when he started signing “Food” and “More,” I was pretty smug. Everyone (Darling Husband, his family, my family) thought teaching him sign language was dumb. But now that they see him actually communicating that way? Waaaay IMPRESSED! And I’m kind of the most genius mom EVER, right?

Baby is still OBSESSED with his Signing Time DVDs, and I love them, too. And since discovering Rachel’s personal blog, I am super-obsessed with her and how awesome she is. Awesomeness x 1,000,000.

I’m stumped on a final sentence, so, in conclusion …
Baby Signing Time = amazing.
Rachel Coleman = amazing.
Teaching your baby to sign = genius.

So what do you think?

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