I am drying up.

Yes, it’s finally happening. The weaning.

After almost one YEAR of breastfeeding (I’ll just hold for applause now, because damnit, I’ve earned it), my boobs are almost done being milkbags and will go back to just being funbags.

I’m still getting up twice (sometimes once!) a night to nurse Baby Boy. During the day, I only offer “myself” three times — before morning nap, before afternoon nap, and before bed. He has stopped grabbing at my shirt asking for it between-times, which is a good sign.

When I do nurse him, I definitely don’t feel like I have much to offer. My lovely luscious adult-film-star boobs are gone, sadly. He doesn’t even nurse for very long before grabbing his soother, popping it in his mouth, and just closing his eyes to listen to me read.

He is doing it. All on his own. I never thought I would see the day that my boy would be anything other than boobie-obsessed — although I’m sure he’ll get obsessed again when he’s 11 or 12, har har.

And it’s time. I feel it.

I wasn’t ready to stop when I considered it back around his 10-month birthday. I was all emotional and sad and Awwwww-I’ll-miss-it.

But now, it has been happening so gradually that I know we’ll both be OK. We’re both ready. We have slowly transitioned, and now our before-nap and before-bed reading sessions (currently we’re on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe*) are now more about spending quiet time together, instead of ravenous nursing.

Baby Boy turns one (ONE!!!) on Monday. At that point, I’ll probably take advantage of Darling Husband’s semi-vacation to have him start going in during the night with formula. That’s the thing I want to have the most (an entire nights’ sleep), and it should discourage him from waking up if he’s only getting formula. Then, gradually, I will cut out the nap-nursings, and then the bedtime one.

I don’t have a date circled on the calendar of when I will stop completely.**
I don’t need one.
We’re almost there.

*I’d forgotten the crazy stuff in this book. A family of beavers feed the children BOOZE from a FLASK, and it warms them up and burns their throats and helps them to sleep. Woah!
**Darling Husband is already counting down to the La Senza shopping trip for new, sexy bras, though.

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