Five little things I do daily to make myself happier

  1. Make our bed every day, perfectly. Tight blankets smoothed without a wrinkle, neatly arranged throw pillows. Then I open all of the curtains in our bedroom so the sun comes in and makes our bedroom look bright and pretty. Most days Some days we have no visitors, and I am getting back into the bed before Darling Husband (or anyone) has even seen it all made, but I still do it. It makes a huge difference in my mood when I walk past the room 9,492 times a day on the way to the laundry room and the bathroom.
  2. Put on makeup. If I know I’m going out later, I put on a bit more (and do it a bit more carefully). But on a daily basis, I always swipe on a bit of concealer under my eyes, some blush, and a smidge of eyeliner or mascara. And a hint of lipcolour, so I don’t have that whole corpse look going on. When I make trips to the bathroom during the day, I’ll touch it up if I’m looking all crappy and pale again. And then at night, I take it off — and often no one’s seen my made-up face except me and Baby Boy.
  3. Dress Baby Boy in cute, coordinated clothes. I don’t how many times I’ve been picking out an outfit for Baby Boy while someone (Darling Husband, my mom, etc.) exclaimed “He’s just hanging out at home! Who cares?!” I care! He never, ever, ever wears mismatched outfits. It’s just as easy to dress him in a coordinated outfit, and when you take 874 photos of him daily, it helps that he always looks camera-ready.
  4. Draw the line between clothes and pyjamas. In the early months, I would get dressed later in the day, and sometimes my “clothes” would be so casual that I’d sleep in them. Hot, right? I always felt grungy and just “off,” no matter how often I showered. Now I get dressed first-thing in the morning, immediately after I get Baby Boy changed and dressed. It’s usually just yoga pants or leggings and a stretchy tee, but it’s clothing. And when I wind down at night, I change into pyjamas — like a nightgown or a two-piece set or something. It sounds stupid, but it’s made me wear nicer things during the day, because I know I’ll be in comfy pyjamas at night when I’m relaxing.
  5. Keep our home tidy. Since it’s usually just me and Baby Boy here, alone, sometimes for days on end, I could definitely get away with sloppy housekeeping. No one would know! But it would make me all twitchy, so I make a point to keep it fairly tidy. Walking into my nice, clean kitchen is like a little shot of Valium, I swear.

So what do you think?

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