Baby Boy has started shaking his head from side to side, like he’s saying “No.”

He started doing it about a week ago, when Darling Husband tickled his head doing that “pretend-to-crack-an-egg-and-let-the-yolk-run-down-your-head” trick from elementary school.

(Yeah, I hadn’t thought of it since then, either, but I guess that’s a guy thing to remember.)

Anyway, if we tickled Baby Boy’s head this certain way, he would shake his head back and forth. We thought it was hilarious (are we mean?), but soon forgot about it.

Then, for the last few days, Baby Boy has taken to shaking his head in his highchair when he doesn’t want to eat anymore. He clamps his mouth shut (he’s done that all along), and shakes his head back and forth firmly. It’s a cute “trick,” because I can ask him, “Do you want any more green beans?” and he’ll shake his head with this serious expression, and it’s like he totally understands me. Does he???

Is it possible he is really saying “No”? Or is he just doing it for fun? Weird.

One Comment on “No

  1. my daughter is doing a similar thing. not when i ask her, but when i bring a spoon up to her mouth, and if she does not want “it”, she will also shake her head…kiiiidddddsss!!!


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