What a sin! Day 1

Fun! Lindsey over at like a hamster on a wheel is doing a bloggy-blog adventure called Seven Deadly Sins. Every day, for seven days, you write a post answering questions centered around one of the seven deadly sins.

I’m starting a day late, but who cares? The first day’s theme is “Pride.” You’re supposed to list seven things you like about yourself. Here goes!

  1. I have an excellent memory. I remember conversations, events, everything — dating back to when I was four years old. Mom, Little Sis, and Best Friend always joke that I’m in charge of remembering everything for them, too. And Darling Husband thinks I’m nuts when I ask him questions like, “What were you like in Grade Primary? This one time, I …”
  2. I’m creative. This one’s copied from my dear friend, but we are two crafty peas in a pod. The world needs more people like us, who can take a scrap of fabric or a piece of plain wood and turn it into something awesome.
  3. I have good skin. I’m just being honest! I credit it to working as a cosmetologist in a drugstore back in high school. I learned the importance of sunscreen and the value of an quality moisturizer. Oh, and genetics played a role, too (thanks, Mama).
  4. I’m punctual. Some would say, uh, too punctual. For example, I like to show up at movies two hours before they begin (to stake out the very best seats, and chat while eating popcorn, mmm).
  5. I’m loyal. Unless somebody really, truly wrongs me, I’m a totally loyal friend. I was even loyal to Bill Clinton, back in the day, and wrote him a very sweet “I-believe-you-Mister-President-You-would-never-do-that” letter (which my mom never mailed, for fear of Secret Service inquiries).
  6. I’m disciplined. I find it practically impossibly to relax or goof off if there is something important that I need to do — whether it’s writing, laundry, dishes, whatever. It just weighs on my mind, and I feel soooo much better after it’s done.
  7. I’m a great nail-painter. Again, this probably dates back to my days as a drugstore cosmetician, but I really am good. I can do a nice, neat polishing, plus do polkadots, stripes, shapes, mix colours, etc. Of course, I don’t have much time to play around doing awesome pedicures anymore!

So what do you think?

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