Our baby in review: His Fifth Month

I can’t believe my baby is five months old. No longer can I cling to saying he’s “four-and-a-half months.” He is a full-fledged five-month-old, which is so close to SIX MONTHS which is SO OLD and AUGHHH!

Before I melt into a gooshy puddle, here is the fifth-month update:


Vital stats: He hasn’t been weighed or measured since his four-month birthday (when he weighed 17 pounds, 2 oz. and measured 63.5 cm long), so we’re guessing … maybe 18 or 19 pounds? He certainly feels like a whopping 20-pounder. You would think my arms would be getting stronger, with all the lifting and lugging, but he just keeps getting bigger, so they never catch up.

Milestones: Sitting up! He started doing it right after he turned four months, but he’s gotten sooo good at it. It’s hilarious to see him just sitting on the floor, playing with toys, and being this whole little person and stuff. He also started “crawling” this month — more of an army crawl, and only backwards. We fed him cereal for the first time (yeah, THAT was an ordeal). He discovered his toes. He celebrated his first Halloween. And we started giving him a sippy-cup of water to play around with — he loves it!

On the move: Since he only crawls backwards, it’s very funny to watch him get wedged under the couch or the armchairs with his big cloth-diapered butt. And sometimes he will scoot backwards and cry while he’s doing it, because he’s trying to get to you but can only crawl away from you. Hopefully he will figure out fowards eventually (ahem, although I never, um, did crawl forward. Ever.).

What he’s been eating: His diet is still almost entirely breast milk. We were giving him a little bit of cereal at bedtime for a week or two, but have since pretty much stopped. He loved it at first, but then started to fuss after the first few bites — and since it wasn’t helping him sleep any longer, I just sort of said, “Whatever,” and stopped.

Pumping/bottle-feeding: I still pump a bit most days, to build up the freezer supply and give him the occasional fresh bottle when we’re out. He gets so distracted when we’re out that it’s sometimes impossible to nurse him in public, so the bottles are handy. He’s almost got the hang of holding it himself, which is nice.

How we’ve been sleeping: Remember how I said he was up every two hours all night during his fourth month? Except for a couple of decent nights, his entire fifth month was the same way. SO TIRED ALL THE TIME. Seriously. I was a lot more rested in the first three months, because he was getting one four- or five-hour stretch a night. I haven’t had one of those in two months now, and I have definitely been feeling it. Some days I am a total zombie and feel nauseous from being so tired, and I take Ibuprofen almost daily for headaches. According to everything mainstream I’ve read, he should not be getting up so often. But according to the breastfeeding gurus, it’s totally normal. FML. I am surprised, though, with how I’m still able to function. Sleep deprivation is hard, but it’s different when it’s because of your baby. They sort of give you the momentum to keep on going, even when you’re almost sobbing from being so exhausted.

Diapering: Still totally LOVING the BumGenius one-size all-in-ones and the BumGenius one-size pocket diapers. I can honestly say that while I started cloth-diapering strictly because of the cost (and that’s still a great benefit), I love it most for the cuteness now. I don’t mind changing diapers (yet, at least) because I get to pick a new colour, match it to his outfit, etc. Ah, so rewarding.

Things that surprised me: How much I enjoy his company. He’s like my little buddy! We make each other laugh, and he’s “aware” enough that if I make a certain movement like I’m going to tickle him, he laughs just knowing it’s coming. Babies = people! Who knew?

Things that have made me melt: When he lets his little body just collapse in my arms, with total faith that I will catch him and cuddle him. When I kiss his silky tummy and he grabs my hair and laughs. When I read to him at bedtime, and he looks up at me and smiles after a funny line in the book. When I rock him and nurse him in the middle of the night, and marvel at his blonde wisps and chubby little hands clutching me. How did I get so lucky?

So what do you think?

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