Seven minutes to heaven

Baby Boy has been EXTREMELY fussy today.

Why? WHY? I’ll tell you WHY! Sorry, I’m a little punchy from lack of sleep. And excess crying.

Here is the perfect storm of events that led to this: he woke up slightly earlier than usual, took his morning nap much earlier than usual, and therefore woke up from his (short) nap much earlier than usual.

This resulted in a nightmare baby!

Yes, a baby who is still tired, but can’t let himself fall asleep, because it’s way too early for his afternoon nap, and OH MY GOD, the crying! The CRYING! He is not much of a screamer, normally (not since the blessed pacifier intervention), so it was super, super pleasant. Or something.

I rarely let him “cry it out” for naps (and never do at night), but the last time I did, I set the timer for six minutes (to keep myself from charging in to scoop him up). So this time, I plopped him in his crib and set the timer for seven minutes — I figure a little longer each time = a good thing.

And you know what? The weirdest thing just happened. I was sitting here, listening to him scream over the monitor, eating my lunch (raw veggies, apple slices, milk — not because I’m all healthy-ho, but because I indugled in cookie dough mid-morning). And his cries faded away EXACTLY before the microwave timer beeped.

Seriously, it was like, Wahhhh … wahhhh … sniffle … *silence* … beep! beep! beep! beep!

Lucky number seven!

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