He’s here …

It’s taken me a while to get online to share the news with you, my dearest readers, but I’ve been BURSTING to tell you that Baby Boy is here, and he is absolutely perfect.

I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve touched a computer since Saturday afternoon — definitely a record for me. It’s a perfect example of how much my life has changed in just six days. You know those commercials — I think for Johnson & Johnson — with the tagline, “Having a baby changes everything?” I now totally know what they mean!
It feels like everything pre-baby (well, everything from before Saturday evening, when my water broke) is a dream from a long time ago. I can hardly remember what is feels like to be pregnant — good thing I have lots of posts to remind me in detail! I can hardly remember what it feels like to not have him here with us.
He is my entire world now. I knew, in an abstract sort of way, that he would be my whole life. But actually living it is a different story. In the same way that I knew he would be a lot of work, and that I’d be tired — but actually doing the work and feeling that tiredness is so much different.
Baby Boy is crying now to be fed, so I have to run. But I have SO much to tell you, and I promise to sneak to the computer whenever I can to share the birth story (teaser: HOLYCRAPTHEPAIN), my recovery from my emergency C-section (teaser: OW) what it’s been like breastfeeding (teaser: scabs galore), and every detail of my angelic little boy (teaser: perfection).

7 Comments on “He’s here …

  1. Huge congratulations!!

    I only started reading your blog yesterday and wish I had found it much earlier. I'm due with my first in three days now and am so anxious to meet the little one (or is it just anxious to be done with the back and sciatic pain?).

    I'll certainly be back later. Congratulations again.


  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your blog pregnancy and now delivery. Congratulations.


  3. Thanks for the blog love, everyone! I just posted about my adventures so far in breastfeeding, and the birth story is coming. Can't wait for Baby Boy to start sleeping more, so I can share everything that's happened with you!


  4. Congratulations! Welcome to motherhood! Enjoy your boy…it goes by so fast. I know everyone says that but it really does. My little guy is 3 months old now and I go back to work in 1.5 weeks. 😦


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