Welcome to Week 33

Sunday, April 11, 2010

32 weeks pregnant … now in Week 33!
OK, now I know why people say pregnancy goes so fast — it really is seeming to fly, now! Can you believe we are in Week 33? Holy crap, holy crap, holy CRAP!
Darling Husband and I definitely have mixed reactions to how “the 30s” (weeks, that is) are speeding along.
For me, they can’t go by fast enough, because I want this baby here, in my arms! I feel ready, we have all of the stuff, and I’m just generally a very, very, very impatient person. Bring it on!
Darling Husband, on the other hand, is claiming he would be quite content if the baby was a week or so late, because he is anxious about his arrival.
Luckily he has quite a few colleagues with babies, and they have all given him the same advice. It goes something like this: “Dude, you will never feel ready. It won’t seem real until you’re holding the baby, and then you’ll be like ‘Whoa'” — or something like that. Good advice, and I’m sure most dads really do feel that way.
What’s on the docket this week? Big things!
  • OBGYN appointment on Tuesday. Oh yes, we’re bi-weekly now, people! Luckily, Dr. L should be back from vacation, so we don’t have to suffer through another Hippie Doctor nightmare. We plan on asking Dr. L specific details about who will be delivering this little person, and my fingers are crossed that Dr. Hippie is not the alternate. Oh, and we are also asking about epidurals, because Mom has frightened me by saying that if it’s not written on my file in advance, I won’t get one. Eep!
  • Labour/delivery class on Saturday. I feel like I signed up for our classes (two four-hour sessions) a million years ago, and the first one is finally almost here. It takes place at the hospital, and we’ll be learning about labour and blood and needles all kinds of nausea-inducing things. I am looking forward to it, though, because I think it will help me feel a little more informed about the whole terrifying process.
Here’s what happening with Baby Boy this week:
Baby’s size: He weighs more than 4.2 pounds and measures about 17.2 inches long!

Development: His brain is rapidly developing, and his head is getting bigger from all of his smarts!

Appearance: His skin is becoming more pink, as he adds more fat beneath the surface.

So what do you think?

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