Everything has a knock-off …

Sunday, April 11, 2010
32 weeks pregnant

I knew all along that I wanted to buy a black diaper bag.

Partially because then it would totally unisex, and Darling Husband would help me tote it along (and not balk at taking the baby out by himself). But also, partially because I wear a lot of black, and I wanted it to go with the stuff I’d be wearing.

A colleague recently bought the SkipHop diaper bag online for $73 (plus shipping).

I hemmed and hawed over it, because it was a really nice bag. But we still had some giftcards to local department stores, so it seemed smarter to use those, if possible.

I was shocked when I walked into one store yesterday, and saw the Bily diaper bag — a pretty blatant knock-off of the SkipHop bag, right down to the two front pockets and the small red logo!

The best news was the price tag: $34 — a savings of $39 plus shipping costs. And we could use one of the gift cards from our shower. Um, yes please!

This was the last item to check off our “Things to buy for Baby” list, so we were thrilled with the savings. I have to admit that I’m proud of us for dealing with the hand we were dealt and getting everything we needed on a tight budget.

Here’s a quick re-cap:

CRIB: Gift from my mom. Cost: free!

CHANGING TABLE: Wanted a $399 dresser. My mom found a great $50 changing table on clearance, and we gladly accepted. Cost: free!

TRAVEL SYSTEM: Wanted a $299 system. Bought a different model (regular $299) for $140 on clearance.

GLIDER: Wanted a $269 glider/ottoman. Bought the same one for $153 thanks to a sale, coupon, and registry discount. Darling Husband’s parents are buying it for us as a gift. Cost: free!

PLAYARD: Wanted a $199 version. Bought a different one for $97 in a flyer sale.

DIAPER BAG: Wanted a $73 one online. Bought a different one for $34.

Total amount we spent: $271
Total amount saved: $968

Moral of the story: Shop around, and hunt for sales and coupons! Baby stuff seems to be always going on sale, so it doesn’t take long to find a really good price.

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