I’ve got the dropsies!

Saturday, April 3, 2010
30 weeks, 6 days pregnant
Lately I am the clumsiest fool you have ever seen! I have no idea what has gotten into me! Oh right: a baby.
Clumsiness is super-common in pregnancy, especially in the last couple of months. Supposedly it is because your center of gravity has shifted, and your joints have loosened (ew!).
Since puberty, I have been a clumsy person — brushing against walls, misjudging doorways and banging into the sides, etc. But I’ve never been a huge “dropper.” Lately that is all I’m capable of — dropping stuff! Dropping everything! Picking something up and then dropping it again!
It has gotten to the point where I reach into my underwear drawer, grab a pair of (ginormous maternity) undies, and then drop them while I’m reaching into for a (ginormous maternity) bra. I reach down, pick up the underwear, straighten up again, and then drop the bra while I’m reaching for my socks.
The fact that I am dropping everything lately — hairclips, pens, food, the remote — means that I need to bend over and pick it all up. And let me tell you: pregnant women do not like bending over. We hate it, almost as much as I have started to hate salad.
I think I should invest in one of those reaching tools, and carry it around with me for picking up everything I drop. Or buy a taller dog, who can actually pick things up and hand them to me.

So what do you think?

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