Foggy days

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

28 weeks 2 days pregnant
It’s foggy around these parts — and I don’t mean the weather. It’s my brain, folks. Every day, it gets harder and harder to concentrate on anything. My brain feels like mush.
Throughout the first trimester, I was eagerly Googling pregnancy symptoms and morning sickness cures and all of the millions of things that could be going wrong. Oh, and concentrating on not throwing up.
Throughout the second trimester, I was obsessed with Googling nursery decor and handmade baby stuff. I hunted through Flickr and Google Images and every site on the freaking internet, looking at all things adorable and painted and sewn.
Now, in the third trimester, I have basically found everything pregnancy-related that I can find on the internet. I know what to expect, symptoms-wise. I have tons of inspiration photos saved. The nursery is done. The condo is organized.
It’s getting really hard to focus and keep things straight at work. My mind glazes over, and I switch into autopilot. I get all my work done, just as quickly and efficiently as always, but it’s like I’m doing it with half my senses shut off. It’s all I can do to sit at my desk for eight hours and pretend to feel like a real human being.
When I’m not at work, I feel like a different person. At home, I putter around the condo and get things done. I walk Little Dog. I stay on top of the laundry and the dishes. I work on creating finishing touches for the nursery. I clean. I read book after book. I sew. I feel wide-awake, and actually feel like myself.
I’m not sure if my brain is mentally checking out, and preparing itself to go on maternity leave, or what. All I know is that getting through the next seven weeks (or so) is going to be rough.

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