Not Me Monday: Grocery shopping edition

Monday, March 15, 2010

28 weeks, 1 day pregnant
  • On Saturday, I did not act like a wild animal foraging for food — simply because Darling Husband was at work until mid-afternoon, and we were low on groceries.
  • When he got home, I did not burst into tears and cry, “I’m soooo hunnnngrrryyyyyy!” and “We didn’t have anything to eaaaaaaaat!”
  • I did not make him take me immediately to the grocery store, despite my empty stomach.
  • I did not knaw on (his) candy Nerds rope to tide me over until we reached the store.
  • Once we arrived at the grocery store, I definitely didn’t proceed to grab at anything within reach. I made a list beforehand, and was very orderly about the whole thing.
  • When we reached the checkout line, I did not take one look at the length of the line, and go wait in the car.
  • Before leaving to wait (hungrily) in the car, I did not beg Darling Husband to let me open the bag of blue cornchips so I could take a handful with me. He was definitely not horrified, and I would never argue that we were about to pay for it, and the cashier wouldn’t care if the bag was open or not. I totally won the argument.

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