Weekly re-cap

(Feb. 21 to Feb 27)

Symptoms: Back pain, round ligament pain (or maybe he is just doing something painful in there?), restless leg syndrome, raging out-of-control anxiety/hormones.

Body changes: Best Friend commented that my boobs are huge, but they don’t seem that big to me anymore. I’m used to them, and I think the huge belly has made them seem less huge. This was also the first week I noticed my regular PJ tops riding waaaaay up on the belly, leaving the bottom few inches all bare — weird!

Baby movement: I’m able to tell when Baby Boy is awake and when he’s asleep. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I don’t even feel pregnant because he is so totally still. And then I will get up to pee (of course), and feel him start twitching a minute later, like I “woke him up.” Adorable.
What’s new? Stuff below the belly is totally disappearing. And yes, shaving is even more of a challenge.
Belly button: Still indented! It’s not popping as quickly as I expected. Maybe it will stay in?
Energy level: Starting to wind down. Luckily I’m almost finished the painting/organizing tasks in the nursery. This is the true irony of pregnancy — you have all of this energy in the second trimester, but you only find out the sex (and therefore plan/paint/decorate the nursery) at the end of the second trimester. What gives, Mother Nature?
Baby preparations: Nursery is painted. Crib is put together. Curtains and cribskirt are sewed. Hand-painted accents on the walls are almost done. Canvases for the walls are almost done.
Cravings: Grapefruit! I haven’t even thought of it in years, but I saw it in the grocery store flier and had to have it. It would have been a great nausea-fix in the first trimester.

High point: Looking forward to my baby shower at the end of next month, which is being planned by Mom and Best Friend. It’s making everything seem much more real!

Low point: The hormones. The crushing, raging hormones that left me sobbing and alone in the parking lot of a discount store (don’t ask).

Paranoid moment of the week: Being excessively worried about money, how we are going to pay for everything Baby Boy needs, how we are going to survive financially while I am on maternity leave, etc.

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