Weekly re-cap

(Feb. 14 to Feb 20)

Symptoms: Leg pain, back pain (holy HELL, the back pain!), feeling like I have to pee all the time (but then actually peeing very little when I sit down). General grunting and groaning when I do something stupid like spend three hours measuring/cutting pinning fabric on the floor, and try to get up. MY BAAAAAACK!

Body changes: Belly = big (and ever-growing). Boobs = big (but not getting bigger). I also suspect my ankles are a bit … less bony?

What’s new? The roadmap. Ohhh, the roadmap!
Belly button: Still indented, but getting very close to the surface.
Energy level: Good. I’m getting a lot done, but I get tired easily. And the back thing (owww) forces me to take breaks, which is good.
Baby preparations: Nursery is totally painted. Crib is put together (eeeeeeek!). Curtains and cribskirt are sewed.
Cravings: Ice cream seems to have waned a bit this week. As bad as it sounds, I would have to admit that fast food is quickly becoming my #1 craving.

High point: Getting some HUGE wallops from Baby Boy. The other day I was drinking water and he kicked so hard I actually doubled over in surprise. I still am not positive I’m feeling the kicks on the outside, but Darling Husband thinks he felt a flutter against his hand the other day, so I’m hoping for a more concrete “baby feel” this week.

Low point: Feeling drained after my glucose test. It was much, much better than expected, though. Now to wait for the results!

Paranoid moment of the week: Despite Baby Boy’s occasional wallops, there are some days when he’s super quiet — and of course, I worry. I read other preggo blogs, and they describe major movement around this time, and then I get all panicky. I wish I had an at-home ultrasound machine so I could make sure he’s fine when I get worried!

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