The blood glucose test

Friday, February 19, 2010

24 weeks, 5 days pregnant
7:30 a.m. “Off to get my blood glucose test today! La-de-da.
7:35 a.m. “Now to eat a hearty, low-G.I. breakfast of peanut-butter toast and milk, so that I don’t completely crash from the sugar-high. Oh yes, I’ve got this covered.”
8:20 a.m. “This is the drink? Oh, that looks OK. It’s nice and cold, and in a glass bottle just like one of those specialty sodas. Sure, I’ll drink in five minutes. And then I wait for an hour? No problem!”
8:21 a.m. “Oh, Darling Husband! It tastes just like orange pop. Seriously, it’s good. I wish you could try it.”
8:22 a.m. “This isn’t bad. I’m so relieved it doesn’t taste terrible. I am getting kind of full, though.”
8:23 a.m. “It’s … it’s very sweet. What do the ingredients say?”
8:24 a.m. “I only have a minute left! Oh God, there’s a lot left. I’m … ugh, I’m getting really full. I feel like I’ll throw up if I drink more.”
8:25 a.m. “Crap! It’s time! And I still have 1/3 of the bottle to go … Ugh! Crap! … Ughhhhh!”
8:26 a.m. “Done … Ugh … No, Darling Husband, hold onto the empty bottle. I might need to prove I drank it … Ugh …”
8:27 a.m. “Ughhhh … Talk to me! Distract me! I feel awwwwful …”
8:42 a.m. “What time is it now?
8:54 a.m. “What time is it now? How much longer until 9:25?”
9:03 a.m. “How much longer?”
9:17 a.m. “Almost … there …”
9:25 a.m. “Why haven’t they called me yet???”
9:26 a.m. “Yes! I’m right here!” *Waddle, waddle*
9:27 a.m. “Don’t mind me if I look away … Yes, it’s our first … Very excited … Yes, I’m staring at the colourful fish wallpaper … No, I feel OK … Sure, I’ll hold that cotton there, but I can’t look … No, I’m fine … Great, thanks!
9:28 a.m. “We’re parked on four.”
9:29 a.m. “Ughhhh, I have to go to work now???”
9:30 a.m. “Ugh … feel weak … I think McDonalds breakfast might help …”

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