It ain’t easy being green-chested

Friday, February 19, 2010

24 weeks, 5 days pregnant
I mentioned yesterday that my boobs look like a roadmap, and thought that probably deserves more of an explanation — I don’t want to freak out preggo newbies!
Boys, you can stop reading now — this is about to get very T.M.I. Seriously. There will be much discussion of boobs in a very un-sexy way.
Nothing about my breastiness has been the same in a long time — like since Week 6 or something. They hurt like hell, they got bigger, they stayed bigger, etc. In short, they are nothing like they used to be. *Tear*
They’ve been vein-y for quite a while, too. But it’s just in the last week or so that I’ve noticed a lot more veins. And they’re so bright! GREEN and BRIGHT and VERY VISIBLE through my pale skin. Creepy! Although it’s entertaining to flash them at Little Sis and freak her out.
Some quick Googling has reassured me that, like most gross things about pregnancy, it’s normal to be vein-y in the boob region. The veins are caused by your increased blood supply, and will go away after you give birth (or after you stop breast-feeding).
I’m very glad the veins are doing whatever they need to do, in order to help Baby Boy get big and strong, but yecccccch. These are tats only Kermit could love.

So what do you think?

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