19 weeks & counting

Sunday, January 10, 2010

19 weeks pregnant!!!

Welcome to week 20!

I can’t believe that in a week, I’ll officially be done with my teens (in a pregnancy-week sense, not an age sense. Sheesh, I’m 26). Then it’s just the twenties and thirties (hopefully not forties), and then Little Baby will be here!

To celebrate, here are some of the bib/burp cloth sets I made last week. They’re really easy and fun to make, and I love knowing I’ll be able to take Little Baby somewhere with a “matching” pair.

“Safari Chic”

“Canadiana Cutie”

For crafty-crafters interested in making these sets, there is no pattern (because I don’t take direction well, or am free-spirited, or something). I just drew half a bib shape, and traced it onto the fabric on a fold. Then I traced the same shape onto white stretch terrycloth, for the back.

Same deal with the burp cloths, except I just traced a tray I had stashed in the kitchen cupboard. I’m a big tracer and a big improviser, not so much a big measurer or pattern-follower. Trust me, it’s much easier this way.
Happy Bibbing!

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