You’ve got to me kidding me

Scene: Our bedroom last night, around 10 p.m. Darling Husband is tucking me in (since he still has the ability to stay up late).

ME: Oh, I’d better pee. Hold on.

DARLING HUSBAND: Yes, you’d better.
ME: … OK, ready now.
He tucks me back into bed.
Five minutes later …

ME: You are not going to believe this.
ME: I have to pee AGAIN!
DARLING HUSBAND: But you peed five minutes ago!
ME: I KNOW! This is crazy, I can’t actually have to pee again … *Yells from the bathroom* I did! I’m peeing! Holy crap!
He tucks me into bed for a third time.
DARLING HUSBAND: It’s definitely a boy.
ME: Why?
DARLING HUSBAND: Because he’s in there laughing and trying to annoy you by jumping on your bladder.
ME: A girl could do that, too.
DARLING HUSBAND: A boy would think it’s funnier.

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