Hello, in there …

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

14 weeks, 3 days pregnant
More movement last night! And it was much more noticeable than Monday night’s popping bubbles and slurp-y soup feelings.
I went to bed on my right side again, since that seems to be the “good side” for feeling Little Baby. And sure enough, as soon as I was lying quietly, I could feel these gentle little nudges — again, on the left side only.
It was weird, because I had a song stuck in my head — the Don’t Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl mash-up from Glee, if you’re curious — and it seemed like the nudges were happening in time to that. So to get the sound out of my head, and to see how frequently Little Baby was really moving, I started counting …
One (tap!), two, three, four (tap!), five (tap!), six, seven (tap!), eight (tap!), nine, ten (tap!).
It was a very random pattern, which made it seem much more likely (and exciting). I lay there trying to determine exactly what it felt like — so I could describe it to you, my dear readers — and I eventually came up with … “a faint nudge.” Brilliant, no?
After a while, I stopped counting and tried to go to sleep, but I found myself still noticing the little nudges. They weren’t enough to keep me awake — yet! Eep — but they were definitely enough to be noticeable even when I wasn’t thinking about them.
I can’t imagine how it will feel when they’re real, can’t-ignore-’em kicks and punches. I’ve heard you can sometimes poke the baby gently, and they’ll poke you back. How much fun would that be?

4 Comments on “Hello, in there …

  1. That's awesome! I never felt any movement until 21 weeks!(apparently because of baby's position and a uterus that has not so many nerve endings, which should make labour less painful but we'll see)


  2. I felt movement (this is my first) around 14-15 weeks as well. Definitely like bubbles, etc. But at one point it was an unmistakable feeling like the baby was dragging a hand/foot or whatever across the inside of my belly. Crazy. I'm now 25 weeks and the kicks/punches, etc are definitely noticeable and happen all the time. I can see them all from the outside as well (have since about 20 weeks) and my husband has felt them since before then. Definitely cool!


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