Weekly re-cap

(Nov. 29 to Dec. 5)

Symptoms: Dizziness, back pain (is that even possible already???), slight bloody noses, the C-word

Body changes: I definitely looked knocked-up all the time. There is no hiding it with any clothes. Boobs are still bigger, but don’t seem to be growing anymore.

Energy level: It’s much easier to keep on top of household chores, and I’m actually staying up until 10 or 10:30 every night — woohoo!

Cravings: Still cereal with skim milk — I’m like Jerry Seinfeld. Oh, and the original hash-browns-with-ketchup craving has come back in full-force — only ate them once this week (yesterday), but they were like ambrosia!

Could not stomach: Made huge process and began eating chicken (and mayonaise) again. And hard-boiled eggs. Go, Team Protein!

High point: Announcing my pregnancy on my “real-life” Facebook and Twitter to … well, everyone who didn’t already know! I got some very sweet congratulations messages and well-wishes — and some people were really surprised! That was great. This is such a fun thing to tell people!

Low point: This has been a really good week, but the low point would have to be the C-word. Not fun!

Paranoid moment of the week: Whenever I felt the twinge of a cramp, I would be concerned it was Little Baby in distress — when actually, it was C-word-related. Uterus, intestines, pffft. I really must get an anatomy book so I can better identify where all of my innards are.

Weird moment of the week: Pregnancy brain has struck! I forgot how to spell “inevitable” for a solid five minutes. I never forget how to spell anything. Weird, weird, weird!

Emotional moment of the week: The tears over television shows, and commercials. When I see a birth or just a baby, I am a sniveling mess.
Best decision of the week: Improving my diet by adding more protein, now that I’m not repulsed by everything.

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