Weekly re-cap

(Nov. 22 to Nov. 28)

Symptoms: Headaches! Also dizziness, and breast soreness amped up a little bit.

Body changes: Continuing to rock the bump in stretchy tops and my beloved maternity jeans. Bought a much-needed new bra for my ginormous(ish) boobs.

Energy level: I’ve been physically tired this week, but getting more done than usual. Keeping on top of the dishes/laundry/cleaning is slowly becoming easier.

Cravings: Cereal with skim milk — bought three boxes! And CINNAMON BUNS!

Could not stomach: Mayonnaise, chicken, ground beef. Was also very grossed out by Little Sis’s salmon entree at lunch yesterday.

High point: Hitting the 12-week mark! Oh, and cinnamon buns, haha.

Low point: Between the headaches and dizziness, sometimes it’s hard to remember what normal feels like.

Paranoid moment of the week: Thinking that I will most likely announce my pregnancy on my real-life Facebook account this week — and then second-guessing myself, worrying that something will go wrong after I announce it.

Weird moment of the week: More “my-forehead-feels-hot” moments, but my temperature is always just below normal. Weird!

Emotional moment of the week: Browsing in a new baby store with Mom and Little Sis, and seeing their excitement over all the adorable stuff. They are both looking forward to the baby so much, and it makes me so happy.
Best decision of the week: Getting maternity leggings and a new bra. Comfort city!

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