Pregnant … or just fat?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
12 weeks, 2 days pregnant
I have been getting two types of reactions to my baby bump:
  1. “Ohhh, look at your bump! You look so preggo!”
  2. “Nah, nobody would think you’re pregnant.”
Talk about mixed messages! So of course, on a daily basis, I find myself playing the game “Pregnant … or just fat?”
I look at my reflection in mirrors and store windows. I peer over my (ginormous) boobs to see how my stomach looks from that angle. I examine my appearance when I get dressed in the morning. All while wondering, “Pregnant … or just fat?”

And it’s all in the clothes. Let me explain …
Exhibit A: Pregnant. I have discovered that I really look pregnant when I wear my maternity jeans. They go up nice and high (almost to my bra), so I just get a cute, rounded bump.
Exhibit B: Pregnant. Same goes with pants that go way below the bump (i.e. yoga pants folded down, loose PJ pants).
Exhibit C: Fat. This is the danger zone, ladies. I look fat when I wear leggings or tight pants/skirts that cut in at the belly button, because then my lower part pooches out — and could easily be a beer gut, instead of a wee bebe.
I like when people say I look like I’m showing, because I know I am showing — it’s sticking out of my body like … like … like something that wasn’t there before!
I suspect some people think it’s better to say that I don’t look pregnant, as a compliment? But if it’s clear that I am bigger, and people say I look normal, isn’t that a backhanded fat quip?
I would much rather look pregnant than just fat. Who wouldn’t, really?

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