Welcome to Week 12

A model of a baby at 12 weeks (SOURCE)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

11 weeks pregnant!
Hello, Week 12! Have I been waiting for you or what!
I am officially 11 weeks pregnant today, and it feels great. My energy has improved over the last week, my nausea has left the building (knock on wood), and now that the office awkwardness is behind me, I’m actually starting to embrace my new bump (and not just panicking over hiding it).
I’m really happy to be in Week 12, because it sounds so far along — compared to Week 10 or Week 11. At the end of this week, I will officially have been pregnant for “three months” (in this-only-applies-to-pregnancy sense that four weeks equals a month).
I’ve got my first OBGYN visit on Wednesday, and I’m really, really looking forward to it. Once again, my regular doctor has promised I’ll get to hear the heartbeat at that appointment, but we all know how he promised that last time and didn’t deliver.
I’m REALLY hoping my OBGYN will try to look for the heartbeat (and find it, of course). From what I’ve read, they say you “may” be able to hear it in your 12th week, but I can’t even imagine how freaked I’ll be if I can’t hear it.
Oh, and on the off-chance that my OBGYN thinks I am measuring too large for my 12th week — which means twins is a possibily, since there is no way in hell I got my dates wrong — she may schedule an ultrasound to check. No one believes me, but I still think there’s a chance!

2 Comments on “Welcome to Week 12

  1. My doctor could not find the heartbeat at 12 weeks and I was really dissipointed and anxious/worried. However, just 2 weeks later there is was, loud and clear! It will be the most amazing feeling ever and DH will love it too I am sure, mine did 🙂


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