Weekly re-cap

(Nov. 8 to Nov. 14)

Symptoms: Cravings (still for breakfast foods and Pizza Hut), headaches, the C-word, heartburn (and FYI Tums are disgusting).

Body changes: I really do look pregnant when I’m standing up. Now that everyone at work knows, I’m feeling more comfortable wearing tight shirts that show it off more. Boobs prevented me from fitting into another dressreally need to buy some new bras, as only one is comfortable now.

Cravings: Cold cereal (but healthier ones, like Vector and Quaker Oat Squares), Meatlovers pizza from Pizza Hut.

Loved chowing down on: Fresh fruit, cold cereal, Meatlovers pizza, cheeseburgers, home fries with ketchup

Could not stomach: Mayonnaise, chicken (I miss wraps, but can’t do it), ground beef

High point: Having no morning sickness, and getting some energy back! Last Sunday I was mega-productive, and throughout the week I was able to pick away at little chores.

Low point: The mood swings have arrived. That is all I need to say.

Paranoid moment of the week: Avoiding Darling Husband’s family — actually, that’s been for two weeks now — because H1N1 is circulating like wildfire. I feel kind of mean, because I’m not letting him go see them either, but HELLO, HE IS NOT VACCINATED YET and YES I AM PARANOID BUT THAT’S MY PREROGATIVE.

Weird moment of the week: Walking into a maternity store with Darling Husband and having the clerk immediately ask how far along I was. I said three months — although I am still not positive if 12 weeks counts as three months, or three months (September, October, November) counts as three months. Anyway, when she walked away, Darling Husband (rightfully) pointed out that I may not have necessarily been pregnant, and could have been just shopping for someone else. Am I gaining too quickly???

So what do you think?

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