Double whammy

Saturday, November 7, 2009

9 weeks, 6 days pregnant
My arms hurt!
OK, I just had to get that outburst out of the way. I ducked out of work a few hours early yesterday, once I heard the unadjuvanted H1N1 vaccine was finally available for us preggos.
I only had to wait an hour — which was great considering the horror stories of people waiting hours outside in the freaking cold — and got the H1N1 vaccine in my left arm, and the regular flu shot in my right.
I feel glad that I’m protected — or will be, in 10 days once it’s fully kicked in — but I was a bit of nervous wreck yesterday. There’s a bit of papework and queuing up in various lines before they actually inject you, and everyone always asks if you have any questions …
MULTIPLE HEALTHCARE WORKERS: So do you have any questions or concerns about the vaccine?
ME: Yes. I don’t want my baby to be born with horns.
MULTIPLE HEALTHCARE WORKERS (confused): What … oh, no, the vaccine has been tested, blah, blah, blah.
ME: Yeah, well, I’m not drinking Diet Coke, so it just feels a little weird to be getting a bunch of injections.
MULTIPLE HEALTHCARE WORKERS: Ah … yes … but the vaccine has been tested, blah, blah, blah.
I was still — am still — not 100% convinced it will not have a negative affect on Little Baby, but I know it was still the right thing to do. H1N1 is rampant in my city — whole province, actually — and the dangers of getting it seem to be worse than any of the potential this-vaccine-might-give-my-baby-horns risks.
So now I sit, with two sore arms, wondering if I’m going to be able to do my scheduled Christmas-crafting today. Hmmm. Chances are good I will just watch movies. I mean, my arms hurt!

2 Comments on “Double whammy

  1. That was the case here, too. But now that they have the unadjuvanted version, they want pregnant women under 20 weeks to get that one — and women over 20 weeks can get it as well, since it's the safer one.


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