Pink or blue

I have been very cautious lately in terms of thinking of the sex of the baby. I have honestly not thought hard, in these last few weeks pregnancy, of what the baby is — boy or girl. I just keep picturing a sort of gender-neutral little tyke, in yellow.
It’s surprising, considering how much I hemmed and hawed over the matter before I was knocked up.
But I am a sucker for cute little online apps and quizes, and a major sucker for gender predictors, so you can imagine how much fun I just had with this one on
You just have to enter your age at the time of conception, plus the month of conception. I wasn’t sure if that mean the month you actually made a baby, or the FDLP month — technically the beginning of your pregnancy — so I tried both.
First up — August, 2009 (FDLP month) …

A girl! A girl!

Then, to be safe, I tried September of 2009 (the month it actually happened) …

Another GIRL!!!
Sorry for the shrieking.

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