What to wear, what to wear …

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9 weeks, 2 days pregnant
The whole “showing” thing is really a very fine line. Because somedays I look my pre-pregnancy size, and other days I look … well … enormous. It all depends on what I’m wearing. And if I’m pushing it out or not.
I have been experimenting, over the last few weeks, with trying to find outfits that camouflage the bump. This is especially important at work, since I’m still on the DL about the whole knocked-up thing.
Here are the conclusive results of my research:
I look knocked-up in:
  • Yoga pants and tight shirts
  • Jeans (because of the band)
  • Dress pants with the band
  • Clingy dresses
I do not look (very) knocked-up in:
  • Yoga pants with loose shirts
  • Dress pants that fit without the band
  • Empire-waist dresses
  • Clingy dresses worn with a buttoned-up cardigan overtop
It has become quite amusing/traumatizing to get dressed for work in the morning, because I have to stare into my closet for a good 10 or 15 minutes, trying to figure out what I can pull off.
ME (slipping into a tight-ish dress): I can wear this … yeah, this works.
DARLING HUSBAND (grinning): Hi, Preggo.
ME: No, I don’t look pregnant in this! *Tries to suck in*

DARLING HUSBAND: Sorry, but you do.
ME: Oh … But look, I’ll put this sweater on top, and it’s kind of baggy, and you can’t …
DARLING HUSBAND (chuckling): OK, Dear.

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