Weekly re-cap

(Oct. 19 to Oct. 25)

Symptoms: Nauseous, exhausted, peed a lot — this was the first week I noticed that, and it’s gotten to the point where I have to get up to pee at least once throughout the night, which I never did before.

Body changes: Boobs can only fit into one of my bras (and they actually prevented me from wearing a favourite dress). Stomach is either still bloated or starting to pop, because I wore my new belly band twice (once with dress pants, once with jeans).

Cravings: Sour cream and onion chips

Loved chowing down on: Works pizza, cheeseburgers and fries (it was a junky week)

Could not stomach: Mayonnaise (or the thought of any sandwiches or wraps)

High point: Once again, it was my wonderful, sweet Darling Husband taking over the cleaning and cooking duties. He has been amazing. I hope I really do get my energy back in the second trimester, so I can help him out a bit.

Low point: Going to bed really early — like 8:30 p.m., people — but still waking up feeling so exhausted I want to cry.

Paranoid moment of the week: Ordering a Fresca in Wendy’s (on the aforementioned cheeseburger run) and then only drinking two sips before tossing it, because I wasn’t sure if it contained aspartame.

Weird moment of the week: I find myself automatically trying to “suck in” — especially at work — because I’m just so used to that “shoulders back, stomach tight!” instinct. But my stomach feels most comfortable when I breathe out and don’t try to keep it sucked in. It’s a habit I definitely need to break. Weird, huh?

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