Hiding it at work

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Crap. Crap. Crap.
Today I had to help my boss set up a shoot, and he kept asking me to do things like …
  • Just lift this heavy monitor onto the desk!
  • Prop this monitor up on this box!
  • Move this set of shelves over here!
  • Stand under these bright lights and pretend to read the script!
  • Keep standing there … keep standing there …
What’s a preggo to do? I know I’m not supposed to lift anything heavy. I know my boss would never ask me to do these things if he knew, but … I wasn’t about to tell him! When he stepped out of the room, I asked a colleague — who was passing by — to lift the monitors for me, and he did. I dragged the set of shelves myself — even though I normally would have carried them.
But I could not get out of standing in the lights.
So I stood.
I was sneezing like crazy from my un-medicated cold. I had a wicked headache. I was boiling. And I felt like I could topple over at any minute. And then he seemed a bit annoyed when I had to stop periodically to reply to a client’s e-mail. A client he had just assigned me, no less.
Eventually, my boss announced he was going to buy a drink, and asked me to do A, B and C while he was gone. I politely explained that I needed some air, and proceeded to grab my purse and coat and bolt. I sat on the sidewalk, crying behind my sunglasses, and talked to Darling Husband on my BlackBerry.
“He wants me to lift heavy stuff!” I sniffled. “He’s making me stand under hot lights, and I feel like I’m going to die!”
Darling Husband wanted me to tell him I’m pregnant, but I just couldn’t. It’s too early. I want to wait as long as humanly possible before I blurt out what I can’t stop thinking about.
Until they get the explanation, I hope my dear (strong! helpful!) colleague is willing to keep doing my heavy lifting!

2 Comments on “Hiding it at work

  1. You'll be fine-I still carry big kids around, haul groceries, paint walls, etc.
    It can be overwhelming at first when you are trying to be so cautious, but I am sure your dr. will say its ok to move a computer monitor.


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