B is for bloated … not baby

Monday, October 5, 2009

My stomach is more bloated than ever. It juts out like a mini beer-belly or a puffy spare tire. It’s very strange.
It’s small enough that if I stand very straight, it doesn’t look too noticeable — just like a food baby or a not-so-flat stomach. But when I lean back, I swear, I could be three months pregnant. It seems huge!
I find myself leaning way back in chairs, so it sticks out in front of me and I can cradle my hands around it. It’s round and firm-ish, but still has the squishy feeling of bloat. It is uncomfortable to bend forward at the waist, and I have avoided wearing tight jeans because I don’t think I could take the pinching feeling.
I panic a bit every morning, when I wake up and my stomach feels flatter, because I worry that it means I’m not pregnant anymore. But, sure enough, it puffs up again and stays there all day.
I like knowing why I have it. I like feeling it, and knowing that although it’s not the actual baby — which is still teeny-tiny — the baby is in there.

So what do you think?

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