The most … "wonderful?" … time of the year

Every Christmas, I have the best intentions to immediately begin shopping for the following year. But I just never follow through with it.
Every Christmas, I have the best intentions to relax and enjoy the “most wonderful time of year.” And I end up being bogged down with shopping, wrapping, cleaning, work — which always goes bananas around the holidays, because clients are extra-psycho.
This year, I have a plan. I want to be free to go to holiday get-togethers and not have to worry about wrapping and shopping. I want to be free to relax and enjoy spending time with the fam.
Goals for before Christmas:
  • Have all shopping finished — and I mean all shopping, and no “I-just-have-a-couple-of-little-things-to-pick-up” crap — by November 23. This is frightening, since I haven’t started yet, gulp.
  • Have the tree up/condo decorated by November 29.
  • Have all hand-made cards finished by November 30.
  • Have all cards written and mailed by December 7.
  • Have all wrapping finished by December 14 — ooh, I love wrapping! Can’t wait.
  • Have all presents sorted and labeled (according to the family home in which they are destined, i.e. mine, his, siblings’ homes) by December 21. Last year I was shoving wrapped gifts into garbage bags on Christmas Eve. Uh, not again.
Goals for during Christmas:
  • Enjoy
  • Relax
  • Appreciate
Goals for after Christmas:
  • Actually attend Boxing Day sales, for once in my life (or at least shop online sales). Everyone always gets such great deals at these, but I despise crowds, so I never go.
  • Begin saving for the following Christmas. If we saved a bit of money every month specifically for Christmas, then maybe my credit card won’t feel its usual pinch in November and December.
  • Begin making holiday cards. It’s never too early to start this, as I’m realizing now.
  • Begin making holiday gifts. Same deal.
Have you made any Christmas-y goals?

5 Comments on “The most … "wonderful?" … time of the year

  1. I love this! I feel inspired! Luckily I have already bought a few presents, but that's sort of bad for me. If I buy early, I tend to keep buying and spend more than I should. Do you have a $ limit per person?


  2. Well, we dont celebrate christmas, we celebrate eid here!! We prepare for it throughout the year rather than stressing in the end!! It is better that way! Well hope u achieve ur goals 🙂


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