The bell (pepper) jar

A couple of weeks ago, I cut waaaaay too many veggies while making pizza for Darling Husband and myself. I decided to pop them into a washed-out spaghetti sauce jar, and toss them in the freezer.
Last week, I dug out the jar and poured some of the frozen bits of pepper over yet another pizza — we like pizza here. And guess what? Worked perfectly!
So tonight, I chopped up …
  • Two yellow peppers (’cause I like yellow (read: tasteless) ones best)
  • Two green peppers (’cause they were on sale)
  • One red pepper (’cause I don’t like when I expect to bite into a tomato and it’s actually a bit of red pepper)
  • Three tomatoes (’cause I heart tomatoes)

It actually made enough for two full jars, so I popped one in the freezer, and one in the fridge — to be used in this week’s dinners (toasted wraps, mini-pizzas, etc.)

I’m quite sure people have been chopping and freezing stuff in jars for millions of years, but please humour me — it is still new and exciting for me!

So what do you think?

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